Iron sharpens iron

Welcome to my blog, conceived a couple of years ago. Clearly, the development stage took quite some while. Or maybe our biggest enemy stepped in, procrastination. But voilá! here we are today. Bouncing and kicking, as healthy as healthy can get. First things first, always welcome guests with a smile, they could be angels.

Now, let’s grow this baby. I’ll take you through a journey of my adventures, my thought cycles and what excites and annoys me about life every now and then, even if it means once in a year haha. I’m not so sure how personal i’ll get in the details, but we can never know until we get started.

This being my first post, let’s talk about the common phrase, ‘as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.‘ You can call it a Phrase or Biblical truth, just whatever will make you read on. Cliché? I don’t think so. I look at it as a key to greatness and effectiveness.

I’m a people person, so I’m not trying to say cut off certain people and all those new season, new me, new everything vibes, but it’s simply an urge to learn to maximise on friendships. There’s always something to learn from whomever, wherever. But we all want to learn from big shots, right?

I began reading about the world’s most influential, wealthy and successful men and women and their associations. It totally makes sense as to why Bill Gates calls friendship one of his success factors. And I’m excited to read about his friendship with Warren Buffet. Notice something there?

Wood never sharpens iron, it only makes it blunt.  We need to walk with people who challenge our thinking, call out our nonsense and increase our value. There’s no pleasure in feeling like the king in the room, just because your company is mediocre. Step out and realise many people are doing way greater things than what you consider the real deal.

It’s about time we stop being too full of ourselves. Let us learn from those who’ve gone ahead of us. Someone somewhere  has certainly  passed on the road you’re about to use to embark on a certain journey, and they surely made it to the other side. Mentors! Borrow a leaf from them, if not two.

Walk with materials that can sharpen you. Materials that make you ambitious, wiser, smarter, goal oriented, focused and more determined to achieve. Those that give you the sharpening you need until you’re sharp enough for your next level and assignment.

Iron sharpens iron!


37 thoughts on “Iron sharpens iron

  1. This is very inspiring articles thanks so much for sharing your thoughts

    ME: MEDIOCRITY knows nothing greater than itself ,But TALENT instantly recognizes GENIUS!!

    there’s so much to learn from other people when you have an open mind and a teachable spirit. Nice piece😊😊👌👌👌

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  2. You always surprise me… but this I like …That’s a solid way of thinking. I’m glad you took this chance. I will leave you with one piece , you can get the universe so stop reaching for the star. 😉

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