The game

I was always such a playful kid. Oh, how I loved games! I couldn’t wait for hometime, just so I could get home and play with my friends. You may wonder, what about homework? It’s safe to say I learnt how to maximize on time long ago. Just felt like dropping that in there lol. So I’d have my break time snacks so fast just so that I could work on my assignments before the bell to go home rang. What a joy it would be, walking home knowing I was done with homework and nothing would keep me indoors. However, this started changing as I grew up of course. I’ll tell you about how my playtime had to be regulated, some other day.

But how I wish these were still the games we’d be playing…the likes of hide and seek, police and robber… you know them. They were such healthy games. You’d fight and make enemies, but once the game was over, so was everything that came with it. Sadly when we grow up, the games change. Actually, flip. And if there’s a game I want to talk about today, it’s that competition game. Truth be told, it stems from envy and discontentment. I wish I had that car. Why is his house bigger than mine. I must outshine him in all meetings…and it goes on and on. Competition to me is a game, a game I don’t engage in if it’s unhealthy, which in most cases, it usually is.

Unhealthy competition never brings out the best out of anyone. Now since this is just a blog post, not a book, and i’m here trying to make it as short as possible, let me just talk about the loss of authenticity that comes with unhealthy competition. Fact is, there’s only one version of you and I. So why should I deny y’all the privilege of interacting with Doris Koki (you can insert your name there) just because I’ve decided I want be like Miss so and so? I’m not trying to say i’m that awesome or anything of the sort, but if the shoe fits.

Point is, I can only bring out the best version of myself by being me, and searching deep within, not without. That is one reason why I really get disappointed when people go copying anything and everything. I remember when I was a kid, there was this friend of mine who literally copy pasted all my outfits, I know this sounds petty haha, but I’m not kidding. And it starts with these small things by the way. So if I got a certain dress in a certain design, boom, the next time we met, she’d have the exact same type of dress. If I went on a jeans spree, guess what, there she’d go again. Lol!

It bothered me so much back then, and It’s only now that I’m realizing, it really shouldn’t have. Nowadays, it’s no issue for me. You can copy everything even if it goes down to how I laugh haha. I mean, if something is good, you’re allowed to borrow the idea! Just don’t copy and paste. Now in retrospect, I think what really annoyed me with my friend up there was the thought that she didn’t know that she also had it in her to come up with the most amazing of dress ideas. We shortchange ourselves when all we do is copy. I have seen many people engaging in this game, just to fit in. Sad!

If you don’t be your unique self, you’ll never exist!

Here’s the thing, if you don’t be your unique self, you’ll never exist. Another thing is, if you’re going to be great, do great things, come up with great ideas, get ready to be copied. That’s just it, and that’s why you should not mind it. If anything, if you’re in a position to lift someone up with your methodologies, do it! My only problem is when people start looking around and ignoring what you’re made of. Yes, you can strongly admire other people, its not a bad thing, but not to a point of doing everything, literally everything like they do it. Come on! You can do better, if you just looked within.

With this whole story and memories from childhood, my concern is just one, why are you trading your authenticity for what you think is cool? Sadly, what most people don’t realize, is how you slowly lose your authenticity in the process of trying to become like someone else. You don’t want to be in that place where you don’t know what’s right, you don’t know if you should say this or that, if you should wear this or that, if you look good or not, why? Because you’ve given someone else that power. Because they’re now you’re measuring stick. Because you’ve lost your gauge.

Convert that energy to look within. Keep tabs with yourself as much as you do with them. Yes, admire people! Look up to people! Take great advice from people! But understand that your life is yours and only yours to run. You just don’t know how much better you’d become if you were authentic. You just don’t know how much creativity there is in you, the power in you. Quit looking outside. Look within and always look up! I always say as long as I’ve got God, i’m good. Because Him being my creator, only He can help me unpack this glorious package, me!

Be you, do you! Get into deep conversations with your creator and listen as He tells you who He made you to be. Originality will never go out of style. You shine when you’re authentic!!

Till next time, stay safe, be authentic!

24 thoughts on “The game

  1. Wow! Am glad I read this coz at some point I’ve thought it before . Wrote on 1. Shoot Up! Big Shot!
    2.Good Dreams are Faith .

    But my pick up line here is ‘life is nothing about competition or progression but all to do with aggression and progression’

    I’ll try be the more authentic than ever before😊

    Thanks for sharing ;am inspiredπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. Aggression and progression! There’s a thin line there but I get it πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

      Cheers to authenticity

      And thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights 😊

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  2. Woow l love love the content that u are putting out Koki.This is profound and am also loving the consistency.Am Looking forward to the next post.

    Liked by 1 person

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