Relinquish control

For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

For the longest time, I had struggled to take control over my life. To control every aspect. Control in this sense, that it’s either my way or my way. I had been very keen on turning that steering wheel to the direction I deemed best fit. And oh, precluding the possibility of adjustments all the time.

Constantly taking charge of the wheel! And so do you know where that had always left me? At times, confused, lacking clarity! Many times, exhausted! And when you wear yourself out this way, you really don’t get to progress as fast as you should. I won’t even talk about the rest.

To control is to have the power to influence or direct people’s behaviour or the course of events.

This is the power that I so badly sought to exercise over my life, in its entirety. To direct my behaviour under diverse circumstances based on my best know how. To order every event in my life according to my timelines. Oblivious of the fact that there’s an easier way of getting every aspect of my life under control, and that I could only get to know about it when I relinquished this control to the right source.

Then in this obsession of control, I realised, I had a deficit of strength when situations got too tough, when the course of events shuffled itself against my will, when situations came at me too quick before I grasped the ability to adapt a behavioral change strategy.

But, before I’d wander in the desert for decades, I came to the realisation that there’s a power greater than me! A power that when yielded to, masters perfect control over every area of your life. The past, present and future! A power that brings clarity!

Do you realise there’s a power greater than you?

Now, one is definitely bound to get tired after holding onto the steering wheel for hours. Sometimes there’s traffic, sometimes the road is muddy, the terrain is rocky. I cringe at the thought of driving when it’s all rainy, with the sound of thunder, with the falling hailstones, and I’m certain you share the same sentiments.

Can we just save up our energy and evade the stress. I’m talking about letting God take control. He knows how to weather through the rough roads, through the storms. Wait, He actually calms the storms with just a word!

Now, on the flip side still, sometimes you’re on a highway and it’s just the perfect road. You see, when it’s all sunny, these are the seasons when you’re just having the time of your life. Undoubtedly, during these times, you just want to be in control. I mean, it’s fun driving on the grasslands when the weather is perfect.

But watch out! This is when you’re often tempted to go astray. Let go of the wheel because before you know it, you’ll have gone astray and may end up losing so much of your time. You need the master at this time more than you needed Him on your worst days.

Isn’t this what life is ultimately made up of! Isn’t this the perfect balance in life!

This post isn’t just to tell us to let God take control when things aren’t working, but moreso when things are working!

Relinquish control in the good and bad times!

When you relinquish the desire to control your future, you can have more happiness.

Nicole Kidman

When you relinquish this strong desire to control every bit of your life, you trade exhaustion for strength, joy and happiness.

Now I thank God for His word, which has been a constant reminder to me of what our lives should look like. All things were made by him and for Him. If I manufacture a machine for me, it’s only as good when I’m controlling it, because I created it for me!

Whose are you? Do you believe God actually created you? Guess what, He created you for a purpose! A purpose that He knows best! Let Him control your life. He is the greatest power that can influence or direct your behaviour or the course of events of your life.

Don’t just live for yourself. That’s a bit selfish. Live for Him. In everything that you do, check your motives. Seek to establish, is this pleasing before God? All in a bid to live for the purpose He created you for!

Relinquish that control you so strongly hold onto over your life. Let Him take charge because He made you for Him!

And just so you don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should sit through life and be passive in everything that goes on in your life. No! As you try to master every area of your life, yield to the greater power! The greatest actually! In everything you do, yield to God.

I hope you always bear in mind that there’s a power greater than you that can control your life to achieve maximum potential. That’s God! He created you, FOR HIM!

.................all things were created by him, and for him:

And that’s it for today. Till next time, stay safe and be happy. 😊 Thankyou for reading!

Β© 2020 Doris Koki (Win It)

20 thoughts on “Relinquish control

  1. Good one.

    When you say control, for me it is: Responsibility and Surrender πŸ™

    I am πŸ’― percent responsible for my life and it is best to surrender to His will πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

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  2. I personally struggle with letting go & letting God sometimes. However, faith requires total surrender. The type of surrender that believes that no matter the outcome of the situation, whether it’s in my favour or not, I still trust God.

    Yielding to God is not for the weak cause it requires a great amount of faith, but it is absolutely worth it.

    This was a good read, thanks for sharing Doris.
    God bless you!! ❀

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    1. I think this is a struggle common to man honestly. And because God gave us free will choice, He cannot impose Himself on us. Until we realise that we can depend on him, we can really get low in life when things don’t make sense, and when it all makes sense, we may end up losing it all.

      Indeed it’s a walk of faith. And by faith, the men of old days earned a good reputation. As you said, it’s absolutely worth it.

      So great hearing from you Sharimam ❀

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  3. Well done, Doris! This post is very raw and vulnerable in many ways. Being in control of our lives is one of the greatest challenges we face on a daily basis as humans.

    Because when a person feels like he or she isn’t in control of their live or a situation, feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness will begin to find a way into their hearts and mind.

    That’s why all want to be in control everything yet, this line from your post was very profound “Let Him take charge because He made you for Him!”

    The Christian lifestyle is full of paradoxical principles. That’s why we are required to live by faith and not sight. Often it doesn’t make sense but He knows why and is always in control.

    Thank you for sharing, Doris. I enjoyed reading it very much. Stay blessed.

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    1. Hey Marie, I’m moved by your comment! You’ve perfectly flowed with my thoughts as I did this piece πŸ’›

      Indeed it’s depressing when we feel we’re not in control! But I hope we remember, we weren’t meant to do it all alone.

      And on paradoxical principles, that’s a great pointer. Because, a lot may sound like folly, but in essence, these are just Biblical mysteries that when understood, a Christian lives a victorious life.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts Marie 😊😊

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      1. You’re more than welcome, Doris. The pleasure is mine as well 😊.

        Well said, “We weren’t meant to do it all alone”. Great reminder, and thanks for sharing, dear. Have a wonderful weekend πŸ˜€ 😊.

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  4. Human effort needs a touch of supernatural support for authentic and sustainable impact.

    I have handed over the wheel to God and I must tell you that I am enjoying the ride. This is my testimony, this is my song, God’s presence produces peace no matter what’s going wrong.

    Someone once said that when we leave everything in God’s hands, we see His hands in everything. for sharing this amazing piece, Doris.

    Be blessed.

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