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  • Miss Independent
    I did an interesting poll on my Instagram handle over the weekend. It came up as I considered the nature of the corporate world. We currently have a pyramid characterized by men at the top. Now, with time, women are … Continue reading Miss Independent
  • The journey
    Success, they say, is what happens when opportunity meets preparation. I totally agree, having seen how detrimental premature success is. I mean, it’s bound to be detrimental when great opportunities come to unprepared people. It’s probably also important to highlight … Continue reading The journey
  • Awesome Blogger Award
    I would like to thank Domeka for nominating me for the Awesome Blogger Award. You can check out her amazing blog right here¬† I am elated as I receive this nomination having started my blogging journey merely 2 months … Continue reading Awesome Blogger Award
  • Decorating your corner
    Imagine if the President was your dad or bro or best friend? Picture that? I know for most, the first thing that comes to mind is how, somehow all your problems would disappear. I know you’re already picturing that lavish … Continue reading Decorating your corner
  • Fixing the narrative
    I enjoy writing on this platform. Generally, writing is like some sort of therapy for me. Free therapy as a matter of fact. Not that I love free things though, lol. So now, each time I write, particularly on this … Continue reading Fixing the narrative
  • The game
    I was always such a playful kid. Oh, how I loved games! I couldn’t wait for hometime, just so I could get home and play with my friends. You may wonder, what about homework? It’s safe to say I learnt … Continue reading The game
  • State of your mind
    Do we really know how much we could achieve if we could just have our minds settled? I should probably stop writing already, and let us think on that for a week or so, or maybe not. You know, if … Continue reading State of your mind
  • The Winner’s Mentality
    Most of the doors that have opened up for me, big and small, were because I dared to believe that I could do it! I could handle whatever came my way. I could deliver. I could achieve. I could excel. … Continue reading The Winner’s Mentality
  • Iron sharpens iron
    Welcome to my blog, conceived a couple of years ago. Clearly, the development stage took quite some while. Or maybe our biggest enemy stepped in, procrastination. But voil√°! here we are today. Bouncing and kicking, as healthy as healthy can … Continue reading Iron sharpens iron

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