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The journey

Success, they say, is what happens when opportunity meets preparation. I totally agree, having seen how detrimental premature success is. I mean, it’s bound to be detrimental when great opportunities come to unprepared people. It’s probably also important to highlight at this point that I prefer looking at success as a journey, not a destination. A journey because there are no limits to how far we can go. At least, that’s my perspective.

Viewing it as a journey thus trickles down to being keen on how we handle each and every opportunity that comes our way. It’s definitely safer to walk into such when prepared. Then, we will be able to rule over the opportunities as opposed to the opportunities mastering us, or worse still, us wasting a chance to greatness.

Fact though is that, you won’t always be ready for everything in life. Some chances may occur to you unexpectedly. Hence when I talk about preparation, it’s not like getting that exam leakage where you cram the answers and translate it as it is to your answer sheet. Rather, it’s about shaping your character, getting to define who you are as a person while clearly defining your values. Then opening up your mind and training/adjusting it to see what success looks like be it in your family, friendships, career, name it. When your character is in check, every choice you make based on it will be worth it. And as long as your mind is ready to take it in, then you got this.

If preparation was a road, we’d talk about many people who hit the road, and traversed long enough before their light shone, but everyone has their own unique journey, right? Then instead, let’s focus on our own. How long would you want it to take you to get ‘there’? Yes, you can refer to your time bound plans and projects. After all, goals not tied to a timeline are just dreams. Set timelines and while at it, always pray for direction. Because many are the plans of a man but the Lord’s will prevails.

If there’s a phrase i’ve heard a million and one times it’s this, trust the process. Now, there are processes in life common to all of us. Take for example the Kenyan 8-4-4 system that most of us went through. 8 years in primary school, working towards getting good grades to that national school, then to university to get ready for a career, then onto nurturing our careers in our various fields. I can’t also leave out that part where we’re to move out of our parents’ home by is it 25 years of age or what. Then we have the timelines that dictate when you should get married, ladies holla! Then after marriage, the pressure is on having kids, then……i’ll tell you about the rest when I get there, lol.

I can rap that all over again, because that’s what we’ve been wired to. All these are societal expectations. Societal, thus no doubt this varies across communities, countries and continents. And the thing about societal pressure is that it never stops. Then I wonder, what happens when you don’t live up to these set expectations perpetrated by systems you already found existing?

Everyone will have expectations of you. Set your own, live up to your own.

Remember you have a unique story. No one gets to dictate when you should do what and how you should do it. Remember talking about goals. I re-iterate, pray then have them written down. Have so much confidence in God’s plan that you’re not moved when things don’t align with the set expectations. His will! His way! My faith!

In everything you pursue, have a clear destination set. Obstacles are easier to conquer with a destination in mind. Sometimes, you won’t always know the how, but as long as you step out knowing the what, then you’re good to go. So is your destination clear enough to you?

Maintain a positive attitude through life. Your attitude highly determines what comes your way, what you attract, what you repel. Positive attitude yields positive energy that will have you attracting almost everything you desire, it’s so simple. Remember, your attitude, is something you cannot hide. If anything, it introduces you before you even say your name.

Work it! Effort and consistency! Nothing good comes easy. You have to sweat it. And I’ve just remembered something we used to say back in primary school, the roots are bitter, but the fruits are sweet. That’s nothing new, right? Then let’s act like we know these things. Sacrifice what you must to get there. Count the cost. It’s some simple math.

Enjoy the moment. I won’t say YOLO, but honestly, if you saw what’s coming, If you dared to believe it and work it, if you dared to build up your faith, you would not stress for a minute about what’s not working as at now. It’s coming. Brighter days are yet to come, ain’t no question that tomorrow there’ll be good times, and I believe with every beat of my heart.

Don’t complain. Enough of the whining! We fixed the narrative, right? Allow me then not to dwell on that. And because we have the winners mentality, we know that yes, we can tackle whatever it is that we need to, to get there. Don’t be afraid to open up to the challenge. The best things in life are on the other side of fear.

Life is short. Our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers, we bloom and die. So Lord teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Yes, I’m here cheering you on, because I believe we are born unto good works, and to conquer this world. But as we work hard to make meaning out of life, let’s be careful not to gain the whole world and lose our souls.

Rejoice at closed doors. For a new door to open, one has to close. Doors will always close on you at some point in life. Remember, it’s all a process. A closed curtain doesn’t mean the production is over. The curtain has to close to set up for the next scene. You probably need to do some polishing for the next scene. Work on yourself, build those skills. They may call us the microwave generation, but it’s time we learn to appreciate the process.

Never forget it’s your journey, and yours alone to run. Take the driver’s seat. Exceed the speed limit when you must, slow down when you should, overtake if they’re slowing you down. Run the show! Run it well! Work it! As you run, don’t look back. As you keep going, bear in mind that Life is a road with so many signs. To take the right one, you need God by your side. Follow the signs and you’ll get to your destination.

Appreciate the process. Even when it feels like you’re wasting your time, because you know you’re not where you are supposed to be, remember, no experience in life is ever a waste. The lessons you learn from these experiences will serve you when you least expect. The world is your oyster!

Finally, it’s always darkest before dawn. The sun sets, the sun will rise. Patience is key. It all works out eventually. Keep giving it your best. Don’t give up. Joy comes in the morning! ☀️

It gets brighter! Till next time, hit the road! Safe journey!! More life, love & light!

The Winner’s Mentality

Most of the doors that have opened up for me, big and small, were because I dared to believe that I could do it! I could handle whatever came my way. I could deliver. I could achieve. I could excel. I could be the best in the room. And, I’m still getting there. I know everything is practically on a stand still as at now, due to Covid-19, but, I am a firm believer that this too shall pass. So as I write today, I pray that when that day comes, you’ll step out, boldly, believing in your abilities, knowing that you are unstoppable! For nothing is impossible for the man that believes!

Barack Obama’s slogan for his 2008 elections campaign was yes, we can! It’s important to note that he advocated mainly for change, with his main initiatives pegged on it. Wait, how did he even get to that point of campaigning for presidency? Barack Obama, one who did not have what we’d call a normal upbringing. One who lacked the constant affirmation and warmth of a father, having being left with his mother at the age of two. One who battled identity crisis better part of his teenage years. One who struggled with his racial identity. One whose family background did not give him a head start into politics. Nothing predicted he stood a chance. But you know what, at the end of the day, you get to choose, will you be a victim of your circumstances or will you rise above them?

We all celebrated his victory upon winning the elections in 2008, becoming the first African-American President of the United States of America. A black, with Kenyan blood flowing in his veins, in the most powerful office in the world! Awuoro! He admitted he was never the likeliest candidate for this office, but that did not stop him. He didn’t start with much money or many endorsements. He was not as experienced as his competitors. Many thought it was too soon for him, that he was young for that office. That did not stop him. He was not a pundit on everything he needed to know to become president, but he understood the power of strategy. On his race, some black voters thought ‘he’s not black enough’ and some white voters thought ‘he’s too black’. That did not shake his foundations. He had come to terms with who he was and knew how to leverage on it. He knew what he wanted, knew he could do it and he did it.

I’m curious. How many opportunities have slipped right in front of your eyes because you thought, ‘ah, that’s just not for me’, ‘I’m not ready’? How many? Take a minute. Many at times we feel there are others better qualified than us, better skilled, better equipped with resources and you just name it…because I’m sure you’ve given such excuses at some point in life. At times, it’s actually true that you’re not the best fit. Other times, I think we just never want to put in the effort and work required. What I’ve learnt so far is that, qualifications aside, hard work, determination and self assurance have to come to play.

Robin Sharma said, ‘Your I can is more important than your IQ’ . Can is an English verb which simply means to be able to. Everytime you say “I can…….” you are confirming your ability. Reminding yourself and telling the world of your inherent capabilities. Nobody wants to walk around with limited ability to do one thing or another. Not forgetting that we are a sum total of our confessions. So, what are you confessing today? What have you limited your mind to? Are you assuring yourself of your capabilities? It’s actually interesting to discover that one of the key differences between you and the person you really look up to is the belief in one’s ability.

In 2017, as Barack Obama gave his final speech, having ruled the maximum two presidential terms, with confidence he roared, Yes we can ,Yes we did! I got charged up as he urged the citizens to believe in their ability to bring change as individuals. No doubt, we can be agents of change, we can make the difference in society. Believe it, and you will do it! Not everyone will believe in you. That’s certain. But, do you believe in you? When the critics begin questioning your goals and ambitions, will you crawl back into your cocoon or will you keep it moving? Build firm foundations before you set out, by believing that yes you can do it all.

You see, a ship in harbor is safe but that is not what ships are built for. If we’re ever going to make a difference, in our lives, our families, our friendships, forget the world for now, it must start with leaving the harbor. Yes you’ll be tossed by waves and winds but you can navigate them all. We all love comfort but nothing good comes from comfort zones. I tend to believe we just get too lazy at times. I’m writing to get us accustomed to a new way of thinking and I hope we get to step out and make the bold moves. Nothing good comes easy. Let the ship sail!

Self assurance is not a new concept, but how many of us are conscious of how important a captivating self assurance is? Not just to make you feel better, but because as the ship sails, you’ll need it. In the uncertainties, when things don’t work out, when people trash your efforts, when some of your efforts bear no fruits, you will need to remember that you’re still unstoppable, able to do it all, that you can! Embrace your uniqueness and serve us your best. Don’t fit in, stand out. I call that freedom, because only then, will you have impact and influence.

You must be bold and daring. Life’s greatest chances aren’t grabbed by timid people. Be bold as a lion as you confess your ability. Tread on the paths of impossibility. All it takes is a man or woman with an inherent belief that yes, they can do it! Is it a job, your education, an innovation, name it. There are no limits to what you can do, just don’t go building a tower of babel for you’ll come down sooner than you get started.

Here’s to all the dreamers, thinkers, doers and all who see possibility everywhere. For the believers, remember you’re backed by God’s power and promises. Step out and Win!!!

I’ll be right here cheering you on!